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Якорь 7
Якорь 1


This series of monotypes is dedicated to the woman's body. 

Якорь 2





There are no things we can see objectively. Any perception is already a distortion,
sometimes big enough to hide the truth. We look at the things we are shown
and listen to the stories we are told, but what we see and what we hear is beyond
the control of a narrator. That’s why everything is unique, beautiful and lonely.
We are fighting for our borders and searching for common ones to wipe them
off in places where neighboring territory looks friendly and familiar.
Series of abstract photos were created during the resident «Boundaries and margins».

Якорь 3





This graphic work  illustrates the poem by Andrij Bondar "Показати клас (To bring your A-game)". It is a story about angels, dreams, Kyiv and the last stop.

Якорь 4




Every human is a human from the very beginning and still continue becoming

the human during the life and fails sometimes.

Here are some graphics and paintings from the series that was inspired by the
childrens’ world, which is surreal with no stops and compassion. It could be

scary, but remains to be brave and happy because of love.

Human’s life begins with the games. But nothing is the game for a child cause

children are believers.

Якорь 5





Series of etchings and monotypes was inspired by the Book of

Ecclesiastes and depicts people in their most significant moments of life, when they realize themselves naked and unprotected, but remain to be strong and important at the same time.